Are you ready to become a champion?

10 reasons to choose us…

We know you want the winning edge when it comes to your motorsport career, which is why we offer you nothing but the best in terms of your support and training. If you’re wondering why you should choose us, read on.

  • Our team are all experts with experience in motor racing
  • Our expert team members look after current top-line drivers
  • We understand racing is more than just driving and competing
  • We take a ‘holistic’ approach to your training and development to give you that ‘winning edge’
  • Our programs are delivered online 
  • We provide daily posts on social media with content relevant to motorsport development
  • We have two very supportive closed facebook groups  (Fitness & Sponsorship)
  • We have a monthly newsletter (Motorsport Manual) that provides you with a load of tips and ideas around all of our pillars.
  • We regularly hosts webinars on a range of different topics specific to motorsport
  • Monthly podcast talking to regular competitors around what they do to compete and their goals
  • Great resource center at that offers everything you need to start your motorsport journey eg: fitness equipment, supplements, apparel, books, audio books, free resources that you can instantly download.

Coaching Services

Motiv8 Training also has a team of dedicated allied health practitioners that can assist you in getting that ‘winning edge’. Our services include one on one personalized programs in fitness/nutrition/ mental preparation or you can simply invest one of our 3 or 6-month packages that entail all of our services with full support.


Being race-ready is not just about physical fitness. To be really successful, you need to embrace nutrition and positive mindset. That’s why we are affiliated with a range of professional practitioners throughout Australia to help give you the winning edge. We can refer you to some of the best sports nutritionists, sports psychologists and massage therapists in the country, who can help fuel body and mind for success.

Our online coaching (delivered by our membership site or app) provides you with all the ‘tools’ to maximize your child’s performance through sports specific exercise prescription, nutritional plans and mental preparation. We also offer  ‘off track’ services focusing on the business of driving with professional help to educate your team on how to gain sponsorship, social media branding, public relations and media training.

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