Career Development Services

A career as an amateur or elite motor racing professional is about more than what happens between the starting line and the final flag. You need to attract the financial backing necessary to get you behind the wheel of the ultimate vehicle, surround yourself with the best possible team and lead a lifestyle that makes your commitment worthwhile.

MotiV8 Training’s 26-week program—guides you through the most challenging aspect of building your career, from identifying and securing sponsors, through to designing a social media plan, and leveraging media opportunities.

Our Career Development Package delivers all the tools you’ll need to build your brand and establish your profile on your own, without investing in an expensive marketing agency.

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Sponsorship Strategies

Not sure how to fund your motorsport career? Hotel, transport and equipment bills mounting? Having trouble sealing the deal with potential sponsors?

Attracting sponsorship is arguably themost vital aspect of building a successful motorsport career. Anyone involved in the motor racing industry knows just how expensive it is. There’s equipment and vehicle costs, transport and accommodation expenses, mechanics’ wages and even your ownwage andpersonal expenses. With the Career Development Package, you’ll receive a one-on-one 30-minute consultation with our marketing and sponsorship expert.

We’ll help you secure sponsorship by demonstrating your worth and outlining an ROI that potential sponsors just can’t say no to.

We can help you:

  • Undertake an in-depth audit of your sponsorship proposal or prospectus
  • Identify potential untapped sponsorship opportunities
  • Undertake sponsorship activations
  • By providing a comprehensive range of templatesand resources, including:
    • – Marketing strategy templates
    • – Social media plans
    • – Public relations strategy templates

Social Media

If you’re not using social media, you’re not capitalising on an incredibly beneficial marketing tool. So, ifyou want to attract sponsorship dollars, and lead a successful career, you need a social media presence.

Whether you’re a social media aficionado or a novice, our Career Development Package givesyou the tools you need to run an effectivelong-term social media strategy and build ahighly engaged following.

We can help you:

  • Undertake an audit of existing social media profiles and strategies
  • Devise a quarterly social media plan outlining what to post and when
  • Determine the type of posts that will resonate with your target audience
  • By providing a range of templates and resources

Public Relations

Interested in building your brand but unsure where to begin? Just don’t understand how the world of PR works?

Effectivepublic relations and a polished mediapresence canbe the difference between lucrativesponsorship deals and race invites, and goingit alone.

An attractive media presence is all about confidence and polish. Our Career Development Package providesall the tips and training you need to feel assured in front of the media, so you can represent yourown personalbrand, as well as that ofyour sponsors,in the best possible light.

We can help you:

  • Capitalise on positive media opportunities
  • Improve and expand your own personal brand
  • By providing a range of templates and resources

Media Training

Tongue-tied and too nervous to take on media interviews?

Our media training program is designed for anyone who needs to step in front of a camera, and wants to deliver a professional, confident and polished performance.

These days, video content is king—whether it’s to share on social media, your website, or mainstream media. Polishing your on-camera prsentation skills will ensure that you produce better quality content, which means a more engaged audience and increased brand awareness.

With our media training are available face-to-faceor online, individually or in small groups, you’ll learn how to control your nerves, look the part, and deliver your key messagesin a relaxed, professional and friendly manner.

Once you master your on-camera technique, you can step into the limelight with confidence.

We can help you:

  • Practice your interview and presentation skills
  • Hone your key messages
  • With tips on personal grooming
  • With warm-up exercises to keep your nerves at bay


MotiV8 Management

If this is all too overwhelming for you or you don’t have the time to learn about these skills, MotiV8 offers a management service where we do it all for you!


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Belinda from Motiv8 has been phenomenal in her support of Alex and his journey in karting. She is very experienced having worked in the field for many years, and her wealth of knowledge is impressive. Belinda is always there for …

Stella Gardner January 15, 2019

We approached Belinda for all our Team and driver sponsorship management in early 2018 for all our corporate sponsorships. Belinda’s has been fantastic fit with our Drivers and team moving forward we see Motiv8 and Belinda a huge part of …

Dale Dunston January 15, 2019

We approached Belinda for all our Team and driver sponsorship management in early 2018 for all our corporate sponsorships. Belinda’s has been fantastic fit with our Drivers and team moving forward we see Motiv8 and Belinda a huge part of …

Lee-Anne Maker Evans January 15, 2019