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We know you want the winning edge when it comes to your motorsport career, which is why we offer you nothing but the best in terms of your support and training. If you’re wondering why you should choose us, read on.

  • We are experienced, passionate motorsport experts
  • We know racing is more than completing laps
  • We understand that everyone’s journey is different and needs personalisation
  • We know you need more than just great results to get you on the podium
  • We have all inclusive coaching packages or you can have one on one services
  • We know that it takes a team to get you on the grid, so we offer programs/services for your family &/or pit crews to assist you on your journey
  • We believe that education is King! You can never stop learning and developing yourself. We have a range of resources that you can access anytime.
  • You are not alone! We are here to assist you with all your questions or concerns
  • Join our team today to start taking your motorsport career to the next level!

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Athlete Performance

Your success is reliant on so much more than how you handle a vehicle. Just like a car’s engine, every aspect of your body must be tuned, from your fitness and nutrition, right through to your mindset.

MotiV8 Training’s 26-week Athlete Performance Package — takes care of all the fine-tuning, and gives you all the ‘tools’ you need to get on the podium.

Our Athlete Performance Package delivers all the benefits you’d expect of one-on-one sports, nutrition and performance coaching. It can help you maximise your race day results and achieve your ultimate competition-ready physique.

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A career as an amateur or elite motor racing professional is about more than what happens between the starting line and the final flag. You need to attract the financial backing necessary to get you behind the wheel of the ultimate vehicle, surround yourself with the best possible team and lead a lifestyle that makes your commitment worthwhile.

MotiV8 Training’s Career Development program —guides you through the most challenging aspect of building your career, from identifying and securing sponsors, through to designing a social media plan, and leveraging media opportunities.

Our Career Development Package delivers all the tools you’ll need to build your brand and establish your profile on your own, without investing in an expensive marketing agency.

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When it comes to providing the best advice and training for your motorsport career, you can’t go past Motiv8 Training, so if you are ready to take Pole position on your racing career,





I love working with Motiv8 because I have learnt so much about how to market your own brand and to put yourself out there is so many different ways! Has also allowed me to push myself further and dream bigger

Madison Dunston

Jody Zaal

Chubby 'Wombat' Beggs