Services available:

  • Training Camps
  • Coaching Calls
  • Webinars
  • Training Manuals
  • Workshops
  • Content for your marketing
  • Leadership Training (Online / Face To Face)
  • Team Building Strategies / Workshops

We know that a driver is only as good as their pit crew. Having a strong, connected team is critical for success. Critical for the driver and critical for development of the team.

We understand everyone has their role in the team, it is important that these roles are respected and understood by all. At MotiV8 we offer team building coaching, Leadership skills and training camps to build your team cohesion.

Training for mental preparation is very important for race performance. Fatigue in long races, the physical ability to change tyres, fix the car and make correct decisions is pivotal.

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I love working with Motiv8 because I have learnt so much about how to market your own brand and to put yourself out there is so many different ways! Has also allowed me to push myself further and dream bigger😊 …

Madison Dunston September 20, 2019

As the mum of two young drivers with Autism, we often come up against challenges we hadn’t realised we were going to find. From dealing with the psychological highs and lows of racing… to managing a good race nutrition program …

Erin Sell September 20, 2019

Ruiz Bros Racing joined MotiV8 program 3 years ago. We are a karting team made up of Sebastian Ruiz, Driver 12 years old Eddie Ruiz, Sebs dad, team managerPep Ruiz, Sebs Uncle, mechanic We have found the programs offered by …

September 20, 2019

Before working with Belinda at MotiV8 Training, I was really struggling across many different areas including sponsorship, nutrition and mental preparation for races. MotiV8 Training has been just amazing. Their with the courses, monthly live facebook sessions and pre-season training …

Jody Zaal September 20, 2019

Working with the Motiv8 team has been extremely beneficial in all areas for my motorsport program. Whether it is with personal growth, health and fitness, or even the resources for gaining sponsors, Belinda and the team have been amazing to …

Sean 'Wombat' Beggs September 20, 2019

Belinda from Motiv8 has been phenomenal in her support of Alex and his journey in karting. She is very experienced having worked in the field for many years, and her wealth of knowledge is impressive. Belinda is always there for …

Stella Gardner January 15, 2019

We approached Belinda for all our Team and driver sponsorship management in early 2018 for all our corporate sponsorships. Belinda’s has been fantastic fit with our Drivers and team moving forward we see Motiv8 and Belinda a huge part of …

Dale Dunston January 15, 2019


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