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Your success is reliant on so much more than how you handle a vehicle. Just like a car’s engine, every aspect of your body must be tuned, from your fitness and nutrition, right through to your mindset.

MotiV8 Training’s 8-week Athlete Performance Program — takes care of all the fine-tuning and gives you all the ‘tools’ you need to get on the podium.

Our Athlete Performance program delivers all the benefits you’d expect of one-on-one sports, nutrition and performance coaching. It can help you maximise your race day results and achieve your ultimate competition-ready physique. To find out more read here.




To be a successful motorsport competitor, you need super-fast reflexes, a strong, stable core, flexibility galore, and peak physical conditioning.

Our fitness program includes reaction training, cardio and cross-training, neck strength, power and conditioning, and mind-body sessions, all of which are designed specifically for motorsport competitors.

Best of all, our programs are tailored to your exact requirements. Regardless of your age, size or weight, we work one-on-one with you to personalise your entire program. We don’t deal in generics. Instead, we undertake testing to assess your existing fitness, strength and flexibility levels. Then, we tailor a program specifically for you.

Our assessments include postural analysis, cardio tests, reaction, core, coordination, and flexibility.

Our Athlete Performance Package helps ensure peak podium fitness levels. You’ll be able to perform from the first lap, right through to the finish line, make split-second decisions, and wrestle any vehicle through any obstacle.

We can help you:

  • Boost your upper body and neck strength
  • Enhance your coordination and reflexes
  • Improve your core strength and muscular endurance
  • Hone your fine motor skills
  • Better your balance, flexibility and cardio capabilities
  • Improve your quality of sleep


Optimum nutrition is essential for performing at your best, particularly if you’re an elite athlete looking for that all-elusive edge.

Feeling fatigued after your race? Wondering what the right amount of protein intake is for you? Not sure how much water to drink? With our Athlete Performance Package, all your questions will be answered. You’ll receive a personalised nutrition plan delivered on the back of in-depth consultation with our qualified, expert sports nutritionist, Alex. Everything from your allergies, through to the types of foods that you enjoy, will be accounted for.

We can help you:

  • Maximise your energy levels
  • Maintain appropriate body fat levels
  • Choose the best fluids for exercise
  • Choose the best foods to eat before training and competitions
  • Improve your recovery rates after training and competitions
  • Understand when and what type of dietary supplements to take
  • Maintain healthy eating habits while traveling


Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Do you feel overwhelmed, stuck or stressed out before a big race? Want to bolster your confidence or improve your patience?

Our physical performance is just one aspect of elite racing performance. You must have the right mindset to achieve your goals. Mindset is the winning element for success. No matter how much you train and how well you eat, your mindset is the difference between standing on that podium and standing on the sidelines.

With the Athlete Performance Package, you’ll have access to all the techniques, tools and resources you need to prepare yourself mentally for race day, and stay focused until the very last lap. You’ll be able to set and achieve your goals and free yourself from the negative, self-limiting thoughts that hold you back from reaching your peak performance.

We can help you:

  • Understand the tools you need to get into the right headspace
  • Improve your concentration and focus
  • Set realistic, measurable, achievable goals
  • Free yourself of negative, self-defeating thoughts
  • Improve your confidence levels



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Madison Dunston
September 20, 2019

I love working with Motiv8 because I have learnt so much about how to market your own brand and to put yourself out there is so many different ways! Has also allowed me to push myself further and dream bigger😊 …

Erin Sell
September 20, 2019

As the mum of two young drivers with Autism, we often come up against challenges we hadn’t realised we were going to find. From dealing with the psychological highs and lows of racing… to managing a good race nutrition program …

Eddie Ruiz
September 20, 2019

Ruiz Bros Racing joined MotiV8 program 3 years ago. We are a karting team made up of Sebastian Ruiz, Driver 12 years old Eddie Ruiz, Sebs dad, team managerPep Ruiz, Sebs Uncle, mechanic We have found the programs offered by …

Jody Zaal
September 20, 2019

Before working with Belinda at MotiV8 Training, I was really struggling across many different areas including sponsorship, nutrition and mental preparation for races. MotiV8 Training has been just amazing. Their with the courses, monthly live facebook sessions and pre-season training …

Sean ‘Wombat’ Beggs
September 20, 2019

Working with the Motiv8 team has been extremely beneficial in all areas for my motorsport program. Whether it is with personal growth, health and fitness, or even the resources for gaining sponsors, Belinda and the team have been amazing to …

Stella Gardner
January 15, 2019

Belinda from Motiv8 has been phenomenal in her support of Alex and his journey in karting. She is very experienced having worked in the field for many years, and her wealth of knowledge is impressive. Belinda is always there for …

Dale Dunston
January 15, 2019

We approached Belinda for all our Team and driver sponsorship management in early 2018 for all our corporate sponsorships. Belinda’s has been fantastic fit with our Drivers and team moving forward we see Motiv8 and Belinda a huge part of …


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